Oh My Stars and Garters

“Oh my stars and garters”  That’s something my husband’s Grandma would say.  Our daughter would mimic her by saying “Oh my stars and gardens”.  I’m going to miss that.  

Grandma was special.  She was alway happy to see you.  “Come in, Come in!  Have a seat.”  When you left, you always got a hug and “I love you”.  She would always tell my kids “Great-Grandma loves you”. 

She made you feel special.  She used to tell everyone how much I did, she didn’t know how I got it all done,  “she is so organized” she would say.  I would walk out of her house, feeling like I had it all together, until I got home and remembered I didn’t.

After the derecho, Grandma came out to the farm to look at the damage.  She said “Nothing like this has ever hit this farm”, confirming our distraught emotions.  A moment later she said “There isn’t anything we can do about it.”  Her way of saying “Don’t dwell, keep moving forward.”

That’s a hard statement to keep in mind right now, I want to dwell.  I want to have a pity party.  There, I said it.  I do not want to have a positive attitude.  I think that is ok, for a little bit.

I’ve been reflecting on the past two years and all the bad things that have happened. It’s been really tough. I also know that it is hard to climb out of a negative mindset, and I need to search for positive things.

COVID-19 shut the schools down, and  I was able to spend time with my kids.

COVID-19 limited the places I could go, and I was able to ride my horses more often.

We lost many loved ones, but I have lots of memories that I can share with others.

Derecho came, and no one was hurt.

Even when I read through the list, I know I’m struggling.  But I’m trying.  I know I will be able to keep moving forward.  I have a great support system through family, friends, and work.

So I’m going to take a deep breath and say “Oh my stars and garters” because there isn’t a thing I can do about it but move forward.

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