QBS: Who We Are and What We Do

By Jessica Winter 

I get questions from the community all of the time about Quakerdale and what my job is, so I thought that I would use our business blog to communicate with everyone what our organization, Quakerdale Business Services, does.  

What does Quakerdale Business Services do?  

Back in January of 2018, old Quakerdale split off into 6 different individual non profit organizations that still follow the mission and vision of Josiah White’s will to help children.  Quakerdale Business Services is considered one of those new organizations.  At Quakerdale Business Services we help small organizations with everyday business needs.  Running a small business is tough, and it can be hard to keep up and fully understand the financial recording and legal reporting requirements that small businesses have to face, and hiring professional employees to do some of these tasks can be expensive.  That is where we come in.  We help organizations invoice customers, track their receivables, pay their bills, and keep their bookkeeping and reporting up to date so that they can spend more time focusing on the vision of their organization.  And we offer these services at a fraction of the price than an organization would pay individual professional employees.  

How are you helping kids?  

The next question that I normally get is “Then how exactly are you helping kids?”.   My answer is that we indirectly help children and families throughout Iowa.  Our goal is to take care of normal tasks that can be time consuming and tedious for a small business owner so that they can spend more time focusing on the mission of their own organization.  Here are some examples.  Right now, we assist a family counseling non profit organization with their accounting, financial, human resource management and grant writing tasks so that the Executive Director of that program can spend more time trying to help more children and families throughout Iowa with their mental health needs.  We also are helping a daycare facility transition their business from a for profit organization to a non profit organization.  By doing this, the organization will be able to qualify for grants to help further fund their program.  The daycare can then accept and help more kids and families in their community.  By providing our services to these organizations, we are giving these businesses more time to focus on their own mission.  We reach out to organizations that are helping children and families and we strive to assist them in developing and funding their programs.  The more help and funding that we can provide to them, the more kids and families that they can serve.  

If you know of an individual business owner  or small organization that is struggling to survive and would like assistance in growing or changing their structure, point them in our direction.  Our goal is to expand and provide business services to organizations that need help, especially those helping children and families in their communities. 

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