The Things Kids Say

Tuesday was one of those days where I struggled with motivation all day.  I got up that morning, got the kids fed and ready for school then went back to bed.  I laid there thinking about all of the things I needed to do, but could find no motivation to do them.  Jess has told me about a podcast she follows where the lady has a personal measure by counting to three.  Once you get to three you decide if you are going to get up and do the things you need to do, or just plain not do it and move on to something else.  So…one, two, three, and up I went.  I had a meeting with my board at five so I HAD to get up.  I spent the day getting ready for the meeting, and dealing with our everyday business issues.  The highlight of my day was lunch, the local caterer had my favorite lunch on her menu.  Pretty exciting, huh?  

I had to leave in the middle of my day to pick up the girls from school and to stop by the store to pick up some treats for my board meeting.  I stopped by Hy-Vee first to grab my treats since time eluded me, and there was no time to make treats at home.  As I was coming out of the store there was a little girl around five years old rattling on talking to her mom about who knows what.  When I walked by her she stopped mid sentence and said, “Whoa, she has really beautiful hair!”  Talk about a day maker! This to the lady who didn’t even want to get out of bed that morning. 

As I got back into my van I started to wonder why we as adults do not share statements like this.  I often walk by others and think, “I like their shirt” or “she has a great smile”.  I do not say them, because sometime while growing up we develop filters that stop us from doing these things.  Maybe it is from embarrassment or maybe we are in too much of a hurry, but I think we should all take a page out of this little girl’s book.  We need to say the positive things that come to mind, and build others up.  She had no idea I’d struggled all day.  She had no idea by speaking her mind she would make my day.  

So, I am going to do better.  When I notice something I like about people I am going to tell them.  Who knows how many days we can all change.

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