Why We Do What We Do

Last night at supper I was talking to my family about my upcoming News and Views Article and wondering aloud what I should write about.  Our daughter who is going into the fifth grade asked “can you choose whatever you want?” “I wrote a paper at school about Zorses and did a lot of research on them.” “I could give you tons of information, I used up a whole stack of post it notes with fun facts.”  I told her, “I would love to write about Zorses, but we need to write our articles about the people we help or tasks that we do at work.”  My son who is going into eighth grade then said “I think you should write about why you all do what you do at Quakerdale Business Services.”  We all thought this was a good idea, and I began to write an article in my head.

Why do we do what we do?  Have I  mentioned before that we have a great team dedicated to helping people? We do!  We offer a wide variety of services so that we are able to help a large pool of people. We’ve helped others complete the paperwork to garner their nonprofit status,and now they are able to apply for grants, and receive other benefits that come with a nonprofit status.  We’ve helped organizations evaluate their budgets so that they can save money and make things work efficiently.  We’ve helped organizations with finding the right employee for their team. We are able to help and add value, that is huge for us.

Now we’ve had people say to us, “you don’t directly work with children” and they are right.  The fact is that we would love to work with kids everyday.  I’ve seen the work Quakerdale has done with children in the past, and the impact they’ve made on them. Wonderful life changing things.  It is just not possible with the work Quakerdale Business Services does to work directly with children.  We do however support the people who work with kids.  One of our clients is a daycare that has around 80 kids a day!  With the accounting work we do, their director has more time to focus on their program and what is best for the kids.  We feel that God has put us in this position to help others so that they can work on other aspects of their job and growing their business. 

Like many of the organizations we work with we are growing as well. Want to know more about what we do? Our website is now live at www.quakerdalebusiness.org, or you can check out our Facebook page at Quakerdale Business Services. Feel free to share our services with others.

Fun Fact! Did you know that Zorses, just like the zebras have unique stripes just like human fingerprints. No two Zorses will have identical stripes. www.factslegends.com

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