The New Model

New Model Diagram

Fall/Winter 2018

While attending a graduation reception this spring, I had a friend come to me and say that she understands the new changes that have happened with Quakerdale, but wasn't sure if her friends did.  She thought that it would be helpful to make a flowchart to show how things are now.  I though that this was a great idea and a good way to communicate a little differently to people. I am going to give it my best shot.

So, what does this all mean?  The foundation grants money to all of the other organizations so that they can provide their services.  This protects the Foundation and their assets from an infraction that could happen in the other organizations.  If someone was to sue the Ranch, the lawsuit would stop at the Ranch.  In the past, ALL of Quakerdale was exposed; land, buildings, farmland, endowment, etc.  The best way to protect our assets was to take them out of the equation.

Now you may be wondering what the "new" Quakerdale does.  We provide Accounting, Human Resources, Information Technology, and Maintenance services to other organizations.  Although we are not directly working with children, we provide services to those who do.  Our goal is to expand our services to other non-profits that may need a little help with one or all of our services we provide.  By receiving a grant from the Foundation, we are able to offer our services at an affordable rate and help more people.  We want to continue "Serving as Christ Serves" and help as many people as we can along the way.